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First Look – Spring / Summer 2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Color Trends, 2013 Hairstyles, 2013 Spring / Summer Hair Trends, Hairstyles

First Look – Spring / Summer 2013 Hair Trends

First Look – Spring / Summer 2013 Hair Trends . With summer days now among us, it’s time to talk hair trends galore and make some much needed changes to our tresses. For months our hair has been hidden away underneath winter hats, and snowy nights. So switch up your everyday look with this season’s hottest new trends.  A few of last year’s trends such as top knots (high buns), and smooth ponytails are still grabbing attention, while this season also offers quite a few new trends as well.

Now that spring’s hottest trends are being revealed at New York Fashion Week, I thought I would show you a preview of what hair trends we can expect come spring. It looks like next season’s major trends will include a mix of hair wraps as seen by Marc Jacobs, and Nonoo. You can try a hair wrap to create a funky and urban vibe and it’s perfect on summer days where you don’t feel like fussing over your hair. There were also tons of braids on the runway. If you love braided hairstyles and you need some inspiration or new ways you can wear a braided look, check out thees hairstyles. Other noted trends included deep side parts, french twists ( perfect summer updo), swept over hairstyles, and overall messy tresses.

Although this seasons brings out an array of new trends to try, be sure to go with your classic summer hairdos as well. Mix things up when you’re feeling flirty and in need of a change. Check out more summer hair trends below, and if you’re in need of new haircut be sure to check out 2013 Summer haircut trends.

Look below to get a sneak peak at some of the Spring / Summer 2013 Hair Trends.

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