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2013 Hair Color Trends

2013 Hair Color Trends, 2013 Hairstyles, Beauty, Hairstyles

2013 Hair Color Trends

2013 Hair Color Trends. As another year begins, we seek to change our hairstyle with the latest hair color trends for 2013.

Many of  last year’s hair trends, are indeed making a strong comeback for 2013, but we’re also seeing a few new trends popping up as well. Styles such as dipped dyed ends, bold hair colors, and low highlights are still very strong looks from last year, and for 2013 ombre tresses are being updated with a flip flop motion called the reverse ombre. This trend features blonde or lighter hues on the top, with darker hues being featured on the bottom. Other trends to note this year include blonde hues, black hues, and mixed rainbow colors.

2013 Hair Color Trends

Reverse Ombre – While Ombre hair is still very popular, this year adds an unexpected’s now being reverse. This new trend features blonde or lighter color towards the root, while featuring a darker color towards the bottom. Of course you can still wear the darker root, and lighter bottom ombre trend, but this new reverse ombre just adds a new dimension.

Rainbow Color Streaks – Just in case you thought this trend was going anyway, it’s definitely not. Hair that features more than one color such a red mixed with green and pops of yellow is still very popular for 2013. Bonus points for choosing sherbert and my little pony hue.

Streaks of Color / Dipped Dyed Ends – Much like the rainbow hairstyle mention above, there are many ways you can play around with color this year. Try a style that features on bold long streak of color such as purple or red, or only dip your ends for a playful ombre effect. You can also only dye your bangs for a truly intense look.

Be Extreme With Color – For a really bold look you can dye your whole head a new hue  such as pink, white, or even purple.

Blondes Are Having More Fun – With many celebs turning their heads towards blonde hues, we’re now seeing it as the most sought after hair color for 2013.

Pay Attention To Black Tones – Another popular hair color choice expected to rise in 2013 is the look of dark jet black locks.

Redheads – A trendy look started in Hollywood, if you’ve always wanted to try a bold red hair color, now is the time to do so.

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Rainbow Color Streaks

Be Extreme With Color


Blondes Are Having More Fun

Pay Attention To Black Tones


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