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2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends, Beauty, Nail Polish

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends. It’s time to gear up your nails for fall with all the latest nail art trends from New York Fashion week. Over the last few seasons nail art has continued to evolve and steal the spotlight. In fact nails as a whole have because just as an exciting as wanting to know the latest handbag or shoe trend since much like these items your nails can easily become an accessory.

So what hot nail art styles can we expect to see for this season, your nails are in for quite the surprise. This year is all about creativity. You can pretty much be as creative as you want and don’t be afraid to be bold and crafty. We can all look forward to styles ranging from leopard manis, 3d designs, metallics, and tons of dark moody hues. Play around with texture on your nails this season, and you can even add unique shapes to really get your nails noticed.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends

Spice up your everyday nails with accents such as lace, glitter, and crystallized pieces, and then polish up your toes with oxblood and black hues for the more daring side of nail art. Look below to see the latest styles to hit the runway. Don’t forget to check out the latest hair and fashion trends for the fall 2013 season.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 7

Black Nails Are Everything This Season- Love black nails, now is the time to really grunge out.  ^

Glitter The Tips of Your Nails This Season to Work the 3d Nail Art Trend.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends

Light Colors, Nudes and Whites- Keep things light for a chic everyday look.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 8

Stud Your Nails For A Really Hot Effect- Studs offers a new cool design which can be mastered right at home.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 2

Matte Is Back- Nails that feature no shine are taking noticed.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 9

Play Around With Unique Designs and Shapes – From the infamous moon shape, to checkers, try something new and unique with your nails.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 3 2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 4

Feather Out Nail Designs- A new design idea that subtle but speaks volumes.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 10

Drench Your Nails In Metalllics – Shine like a diamond with pretty metallics.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends  5

Oxblood- drench your nails in bloody hues that will make others scream.

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 6

2013 Fall Nail Polish Trends 11

Decorate Your Nails With These Tools

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