Top Handbag Trends For Fall 2012 and Winter 2013

Top Handbag Trends For Fall 2012 and Winter 2013. Now that we have our shoes, hairstyle and clothing picked out for the new season, it’s time to make our overall look pop with a new handbag.

Handbags can make or break any wardrobe choice, but luckily this year’s styles will help you improve your look. Most of this year’s most coveted styles are probably already hanging up in your closet. While other trends can be a fun addition to your personal style. From oversized bags that allow women to put almost anything in their handbags ( a dangerous combination ) to tiny styles that allow next to nothing. Look below to see the latest.

Oversized and Roomy Handbags

Fur Galore


Tiny Bags

Bold Color

Briefcase Like Styles

Embellishments – Sequins Studs and Jeweled Accents

Unique Designs Patterns and Prints

Backpack Inspired

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