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2017 Spring & Summer Hairstyles, Hair Ideas and Hair Color Trends


2017 Spring & Summer Hairstyles, Hair Ideas and Hair Color Trends

2017 Spring & Summer Hairstyles, Hair Ideas and Hair Color Trends. Gearing up to make a major hair change this season? The runway during fashion week was filled with many new hair trends for the 2017 spring and summer season and while some contain styles we can only dream about others can make the switch to a new hair do a waking reality.

Dare to go blonde? If you’ve never found the saying blondes have more fun appealing this year might change your mind. Blonde hair is expected to be one of the biggest hair trends of the season which means you just might see your favorite celebs rocking a new blonde do but don’t fret other hair colors are expected to grab major attention such as ombre, balayage and of course rainbow inspired manes. In need of something more? Finish off your new hair color by looking like you just came from the beach by following the slicked down hair trend.

Along with funky hair hue, short hair is expected to get some major play! Shake up your tresses by cutting your hair into trendy looks of pixie, bobs, & lobs for a major hair upgrade!

For those looking to stick to normal hairstyles, high ponytails, braids, and updos fit the bill and provide classic ways to rock summer styles!

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