Spring / Summer 2014 Shoe Trends – Top Heels, Flats, and Platforms To Style With

Posted on Feb 12 2014 - 7:29pm by Fashionprincess

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends Main

Spring / Summer 2014 Shoe Trends. This spring season it’s time to break out your best footwear, and of course opt for the pedicure special at the nail salon because rocking those new peep toes will most definitely be a must! This year the your shoe game can take a step up because styles that graced the runway were sexy, exotic and full of feminine accents you’ll have showcase next to your wardrobe options. Look below to see the hottest trends on our show radar.


Platforms just might be the biggest trend this season, and when it comes to this style the bigger the better. Just make sure you select styles you can walk in.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 6

Backless Mules

Showcasing the fun little area called your heel can be seen in many different mule styles this season. So dress up your feet and show off a little back heel….

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends

Icy Blue Hues

When it comes to footwear this season, the most preferred hue comes in the form of icy blue tones.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 5

Orange Hues

Next to icy blue tones, the next hottest color in footwear this season is a sweet mix of vibrant orange.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 11

Floral Accents

Once again making it’s return from last spring season, floral on our footwear is once again taking over. Rock this trend by wearing floral accents, or floral printed patterns.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 9

Lace Up

Be sure to strap your feet in and lace them up in flirty laced up heels.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 3


Shimmer and shine in styles that glisten in the spotlight.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 10

Sports Appeal

Show off your sporty side with heels that feature a bit of an athletic feel.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 8

Socks Worn With Heels

This trend made it debut awhile back but never really quite caught on. Now returning this season designers are hoping that this not so typically trend will finally catch on.

Spring and Summer 2014 Shoe Trends 2

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