Fashion Trend Alert – Skater Skirts

Posted on Apr 24 2013 - 3:40pm by Danielle Robinson

Fashion Trend Alert – Skater Skirts. Now trending, skater skirts! Need to shake up your spring wardrobe? Check out skater skirts, a fresh look that’s sure to add a dash of flirty girl power to a plain tee or a pair of boots. The skater girl look is back in full swing, and if you’re looking to try something new this season this trend provides the perfect answer. Youthful and chic, skater skirts can be worn with array of different tops in order to make an outfit pop, from crop tops, to plain tees; choose styles with vibrant patterns, bold colors, or simple monochromatic hues. For a little bit of extra flare be sure to wear the look with ankle booties, or wedge heels. Sneaker wedges can also be perfectly paired with this growing trend. Look below to see how you can sport the skater girl look.

Fashion Trend Alert - Skater Skirts

Fashion Trend Alert - Skater Skirts 2 Fashion Trend Alert - Skater Skirts 3 Fashion Trend Alert - Skater Skirts 4 Fashion Trend Alert - Skater Skirts 5 Fashion Trend Alert - Skater Skirts 6

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