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The 10 Best Deep Conditioners

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The 10 Best Deep Conditioners
The 10 Best Deep Conditioners

These reader-approved miracle workers will leave you with beautiful, hydrated hair


The 10 Best Deep Conditioners

This is a Hair care article

After all the brushing, curling, and blow drying your hair endures on a daily basis, your everyday conditioner just isn’t going to cut it. There is only so much that conditioner can do when it’s up against dry, over-processed, and damaged hair. If you want to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, you need to turn to a deep conditioner to work some serious hair-repair magic. Click ahead to see the top-rated deep conditioners Total Beauty readers are calling lifesavers

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NO. 10: TIGI BED HEAD DUMB BLONDE RECONSTRUCTOR, $16.50 average reader rating: 8.4


“It’s great for all hair colors, types, and textures, and is even fabulous as a ph-balancer before highlights.”

NO. 9: ORIGINS RICH REWARDS, $18.50 average reader rating: 8.8


“Rich, rewarding, and made my hair feel soft and healthy.”



“With one use your hair is soft, manageable, touchable and gorgeously healthy.”

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