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2014 Prom Hair Trends

2014 Prom Hair Trends, Beauty, Hairstyles

2014 Prom Hair Trends

2014 Prom Hair Trends

2014 Prom Hair Trends. Top trends to try for the 2014 prom season. With prom soon on the way, having the right hairstyle is ideal for feeling your most glamorous. This season’s biggest trends are right in line with looks we’ve been eying on the red carpet, and with current trends from the spring / summer runway.

This prom season we’re seeing a sweet mix of glamorous hair accessories, hair accents, and updos. Decorate your updo with creative embellishments of crystals, flowers, and jewels. You can even add headbands for a trendy throw-back. Hairstyles which include retro style waves, and curls are the perfect look for the girl who wants a elegant approach to her overall prom style. For a fun and flirty vibe opt for side buns, high buns, ponytails and braids. These simple looks can easily be styled right at home, and make for excellent choices in prom styling. In need of some more inspiration? Look below for numerous styles you can try for the 2014 prom season.

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