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Trend Alert – Leather Sleeves


Trend Alert – Leather Sleeves

Trend Alert – Leather Sleeves. Lately I’ve noticed that leather sleeves have become the latest must have thing, the look is popping up everywhere, especially on celebs. The most popular way to wear leather sleeves lays in the form of a jacket, but it can also be found in the form of t-shirts as well. Leather sleeves bring a surprising¬† edge to everyday wear, in a total unexpected yet “we want it” type of way.¬† There are many different variations to this trend, but my favorite has to be the contrasting color version. The fine mix between materials such as denim with leather, and canvas next to leather etc. This brings such a fun feel to fashion that infuses a bad girl 80’s vibe with modern chicness. Look below to the leather sleeves in action. Is this a trend you’ll be trying this season?

Trend Alert - Leather Sleeves

Trend Alert - Leather Sleeves 2

Trend Alert - Leather Sleeves 3

Trend Alert - Leather Sleeves 4

Trend Alert - Leather Sleeves  5

Trend Alert - Leather Sleeves 6

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