Handbag Trend Alert – Spiked Knuckle Clutches and Handbags

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 12:42am by Fashionprincess

Handbag Trend Alert – Spiked Knuckle Clutches and Handbags. If you want something that will add a slight bad girl edge to your overall look, check out the latest styles of spiked knuckled clutches. These edgy accessories feature a thick hard case design with spiked cut-out handles around the top of the clutch. There are quite a few places you can pick up this hot new style, and it’s a look that’s perfect for a night out. Most of the styles also feature an addition chained rope so that you can wear the handbag many different ways. What  I love about this new design is that it brings something totally different to the market, plus it’s an easy way to spice up an old look with a modern take. The cut-out handles also double as rings if you place your fingers in them. Get a closer look at this growing trend below. Would you wear a  spiked knuckle handbag?

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