Shoe Trend Alert – Sneaker Wedges

Shoe Trend Alert – Sneaker Wedges. Sneakers are getting a new look this season, and if you haven’t already seen their alluring new makeover look, you’re in for quite a treat. In the fashion world,  sneakers are look at as being youthful, worn by the younger crowd and not very fashionable. That is until now. ….

Sneakers have officially been upgraded with new wedge styles giving them a more grown up appearance, and allowing many women of all style backgrounds to wear the chic new look. You can even wear them with skirts! What I love about this trend is that it can work with many different clothing options, plus it’s a great way to give you extra height without the pain. Sneaker wedges come in many different varieties and fabric options including velvet, leather and regular canvas materials. Which means there’s always a chance you can find a style to fit you needs. Look below to see some of the selections and ways you can wear sneaker wedges. We’re just hoping it really catches on and becomes more than just a trend.