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Vanessa Hudgens With New Purple Haircolor

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Vanessa Hudgens With New Purple Haircolor

Vanessa Hudgens With New Purple Haircolor. Earlier this week, Vanessa was spotted with a brand new look, purple dipped ends, and highlights.

She was first seen while working out, and throughout the week we’ve gotten a closer look at her new purple tresses. We also now know how Vanessa stays so small, she works out like crazy! Vanessa’s new look consists of black roots that slowly move into an ombre effect with purple tips. Creating quite the fun look for summer, much like Demi’s new pink tipped hair. Now that Vanessa has gotten purple highlights, and pink tresses is also on the rise it only makes me wonder what other celebs will dye their hair purple next, and will there be another color catching on soon? See Vanessa with her new look below.


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