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2012 Celebrity Summer Hairstyles and Hair Trends

2012 Celebrity Summer Hairstyles and Hair Trends, 2012 Hairstyles

2012 Celebrity Summer Hairstyles and Hair Trends

2012 Celebrity Summer Hairstyles and Hair Trends 11

2012 Celebrity Summer Hairstyles and Hair Trends. Now that we know all of the latest hairstyles for summer, we’ve spotted quite a few celebs rocking the latest trends.

Since this blog is all about keeping your style updated on all of the latest trends, we thought we would show you a few celebs rocking some of summer’s hottest hairstyles. Look below to see what celebs are following the top hair trends for the season.

Blunt Bangs- Spotted on Taylor Swift, and Jessica Biel

High Bun – Seen On Miley Cyrus and Freida Pinto

Ponytails – Paula Patton and Rochelle Wiseman

Braided Hairstyles – Leila Lopes and Jennifer Stone

Hair Scarfs – Lana Del Rey and Kim K

Curly Hairstyles – Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl

Ombre Haircolor – Demi Lovato, Kate Beckinsale

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