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2012 Swimsuit and Swimwear Trends

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2012 Swimsuit and Swimwear Trends

2012 Swimsuit and Swimwear Trends. Top trends to wear for bathing and swimsuits for 2012.

As we hit the beach this season, and the weather grows nicer, whether we’re out if town on vacation, on spring break or if the summer season has finally arrived. At some point you’re probably going to be wearing a bathing suit. Look below to see what styles everyone will be splashing into this season.


Retro influences ruled the runway this season, with swimwear being no exception.


Popular in fashion and also moving into swimwear

Animal Print

Popular last season and once again favored on the runway.


Perfect for showing off just the right amount of curves.


Tie Dye / Ombre

All White

With white being a a very popular hue this season, and all white suit makes quite the statement.

Tribal Inspired


Black and White Hues


One Shoulder

Cut Out

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    I saw the first orange and navy swimsuit in an H&M magazine 2 years ago and fell in love with it!!! But I can’t find it anywhere! Can anyone tell me were I can find it?

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