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2017 Lob Haircuts – Long Bob Hairstyles


2017 Lob Haircuts – Long Bob Hairstyles

2017 Lob Haircuts – Long Bob Hairstyles. The lob is trending now more than ever, and offers a chic way for modern women to wear their mane. What’s ideal about this growing trend is the versatility in which it offers, from mixing in blunt bangs, to highlights, ombre and more it’s easy to see why many woman have chosen the lob as their new favorite way to rock shorter tresses!

Lobs are a sweet mix between both short and long hair. Typically ending just under the shoulder blade long bobs top the list for allowing woman to wear their hair in a plethora of ways while still being edgy simply when wearing it down. Thinking about cutting your mane? Look below and you’ll see why it might become one of the best decisions you ever make!

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