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2015 Summer Hair Trend – ‘Double Helix’ Fishtail Braid

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2015 Summer Hair Trend – ‘Double Helix’ Fishtail Braid

2015 Summer Hair Trends - 'Double Helix' fishtail braid

2015 Summer Hair Trend- ‘Double Helix’ fishtail braid.  Braids are set to rule the summer of 2015, and today we have yet another trendy version for you to try, the ‘Double Helix’ fishtail braid. Created by ​OSiS+ by ​Schwarzkopf Professional Brand Ambassador Michael Dueñas​ this trendy style can easily be created right at home. Look below to learn how!


​To achieve the Double Helix Fishtail Braid by Michael Dueñas — channeling​
​a ​bohemian​ goddess​’ dream do’​– ​follow this style breakdown:

Step 1: Bring all the hair into a loose low crown ponytail and secure with an elastic.
Step 2: Split the hair into 3 sections, the middle section being the skinniest. Apply an ample amount of OSiS+ Session Label Silk Shine Cream ($25 at to each section.
Step 3: Similar to a French braid, take a small piece of hair from the outside of the right section, bring it under the right section and thenover the middle, joining it with the left side.
Step 4: Then take a small piece from the left side, bring it over the top of the left side, and under the middle section. Join it with the right.
Step 5: Repeat right, left, right, left until you have braided all the hair. Secure the end with an elastic and finish the look with OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray ($19 at

2015 Summer Hair Trends - 'Double Helix' fishtail braid 2

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