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2015 Summer Hair Trend – Spine Braids

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2015 Summer Hair Trend – Spine Braids

2015 Summer Hair Trend - Spine Braids

2015 Summer Hair Trend – Spine Braids. Braids are one of the most popular hair trends for the summer 2015, and one style in particular continues to dominate the playing field, spine braids. Spine braids were first spotted on the red carpet by celebs, and have quickly circulated their way into music festival season. Just days ago Kate Bosworth rocked a gorgeous version while attending Coachella. Wondering how to create this hot new trend, get fresh tips after the drop.

Step 1: ​To add texture, ​start by prepping the hair with OSiS+ Refresh Dust ​​($22 at​ and run OSiS+ Thrill ($23 at through the hair that will be braided​ to keep it intact.​
Step 2: Take a half inch wide section from the center of the head back to the top of the crown, clipping down the sides for control.
Step 3: Create an inside out cornrow braid, securing with a small elastic.
Step 4: Comb OSiS+ Volume Up ($21 at through the length and ends, softly shaking to loosen up ​locks and add bounce
Step 5: Finish and polish the look with OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray ($19 at

2015 Summer Hair Trend - Spine Braids 2

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