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ESQIDO Mink Unforgettable & Miss Dolly Lashes Review

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ESQIDO Mink Unforgettable & Miss Dolly Lashes Review

ESQIDO Mink Unforgettable & Lashlorette Lashes Review

ESQIDO Mink Unforgettable & Miss Dolly Lashes Review. Like most girls I love getting glammed up, it could be for a date, a night-out with the girls or just because, as if i really need a reason…. sometimes you simply just want to look and feel your very best.

Over the past few years false lashes has really grown in popularity, and they are a dramatic and stunning way to take your normal routine up a notch. I personally love lashes of all kinds, and ESQIDO has some of the best lashes I’ve ever seen. They’re made out of real mink, available in many different varieties/ styles and can be worn up to 25 times. Now if they too sound to good to be true, trust me when I say they are the best!This is my 3 and 4 pair from the brand and the quality is superior to anything else that I’ve tried on the market, plus they look unbelievably realistic and really help glam up my look.

esqido lashes

The ESQIDO mink eyelashes which I will be showing you today are styles Miss Dolly and Unforgettable. You can see from the pic above how natural Miss. Dolly appears and it adds just the right amount of glamor without appearing over the top. I love wearing these on date night because I feel very feminine and flirty…..

This doll-like style exemplifies elegance and playfulness. The strands are evenly distributed with alternating lengths, accentuating your natural lashes for a cute, flirty look.

esquido 2 dolly 2

esquido 2 dolly

The second pair of lashes are Unforgettable. I love this pair because they’re light but still mange to add a lift to my eyes giving them the perfect alluring look to both dramatic and natural eye makeup styles.

Natural and elegant. This pair of mink lashes features a gradient of increasing length and thickness across the lash band, resulting in a subtle yet beautiful winged out effect.

 ESQIDO Mink Unforgettable & Miss Dolly Lashes Review

Winged out indeed! I hope you guys enjoyed my little review, going forward I will be posting more personal product reviews so be on the lookout for those.

ESQIDO Mink Unforgettable & Miss Dolly Lashes Review 2

Until next time. XOXOXO Danielle Michelle

Thanks to ESQIDO for sponsoring this post. Full FTC Disclosure when posting reviews.

P.S. Check out my latest video to see the Miss Dolly Lashes In Action

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