Now Trending : Cuticle Tattoos

Cuticle Tattoos

Now Trending : Cuticle Tattoos.  Looking for a way to instantly glam up your manicure set? Then check out the latest trend to hit the nail scene, cuticle tattoos.

Next to midi rings, cuticle tattoos are a fun new way to glam up your manicure by simply adding a little more detail to your cuticle area.  From bows, to diamonds, stars and more, these sexy little stickers are the perfect way to get your nails noticed and put a exotic spin on nail art. A trend started on the runway, has now trickled it’s way into mainstream, to make your everyday nails a tad more edgy! Look below for unique +  fun ways you can rock this bold new trend. Your nails won’t be sorry…

Cuticle Tattoos  Cuticle Tattoos 3