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Fall 2013 Makeup Trends

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Fall 2013 Makeup Trends

Fall 2013 Makeup Trends. Put your best face forward with the latest beauty and makeup trends for the fall 2013 season. Makeup mavens rejoice as we gear up for one of the most alluring and highly coveted seasons to hit the beauty scene. Fall is known for producing some of the most sensual makeup looks on the planet, and the 2013 season offers up some classic hues with a modern twist.

A sweet mix of cat eyes will be reintroduced this season, but fun colors such as plum and indigo make the look more sophisticated and carefree. Red lips of course are a must every fall, and year calls for hues in the red and wine family.  You can create the perfect pout this season in either matte or drenched wet formulas. Smokey eyes are making a huge statement this fall, and with brands creating simple eyeshadow palettes, and smouldering tools the look has never been easier to pull off in your very own home.

Orange eyeshadow is also making a return this fall, and to pull off this trend choose orange hues with a frost or glittery finish to make the look more becoming. Also pay attention to undertones of the product to ensure the hue goes well with your complexion.  Barely there eyeshadow is also a thing, which goes perfectly with the bold lips we’re seeing. To pull off this trend opt for no eyeshadow, or stick to hues that blend flawlessly with your complexion. You can also try the light eyeliner trend, which featured bold nude hues against your waterline instead of the traditional black lines. Other trends to note include brownish-purple eyeshadow colors, high textured glittery eye shades, and gray eyeshadow. Look below to see the latest trends in action.

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