Snooki Shows Off New Bangs Hairstyle and New Weightloss

Posted on Jun 12 2013 - 2:05am by Fashionprincess

Snooki Shows Off New Bangs. Snooki is all about change this year, as she recently showed off her post baby body after shedding 50 pounds. Standing at 4′ foot 8 she now weights only 96 pounds.  It’s no secret the reality tv star looks amazing, and she credits her weight loss to eating right, hitting the gym, and tons of cardio workouts.

“I have a trainer. He trains me five days a week and then I do cardio on the weekends,” she shares. “He sends me meals, so it’s basically chickens, vegetables and salads.”

As part of her new lifestyle she’s also given up drinking. “I hate drinking now because I’d rather be with my son,” she tells Life & Style. “I go to the gym every day, and I have these huge muscles. I mean, I’m fit now. I lost almost 50 pounds, so it’s definitely changed my life.

Honestly we’re really proud of Snooki, and she’s matured so much since becoming a mom and she even added new bangs to hair on top of her weight-loss. Her new hairstyle includes dark black locks that go past her waist, and gently cut wispy bangs across her eyebrows. At first glance you might not even recognize her, but we’re loving all of her fit pics that she’s really posted on instagram. Check out Snooki and her new look below, doesn’t she look amazing with bangs and her new bod is banging!

Snooki Shows Off New Bangs Hairstyle

Snooki Shows Off New Bangs Hairstyle 2 Snooki Shows Off New Bangs Hairstyle 3 Snooki Shows Off New Bangs Hairstyle 4 Snooki Shows Off New Bangs Hairstyle 5

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