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Daily Candy Deals For The Week – 85% off a ten-pack of professional nail wraps – (ends 2012-10-08)

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Daily Candy Deals For The Week – 85% off a ten-pack of professional nail wraps – (ends 2012-10-08)

Daily Candy Deals For The Week – 85% off a ten-pack of professional nail wraps – (ends 2012-10-08). Look below to see this week’s great deals.

Modicure 85% off a ten-pack of professional nail wraps

You have always followed a simple code: When in doubt, keep it simple. You never questioned the mantra. That is, until nail art made a comeback. Good news: This DIY nail wrap system is as easy as heat…

Up to 57% off health bars you can customize – (ends 2012-10-22)

This smart site lets you custom design healthy snack bars made from whole ingredients. Start with the consistency you want, and then add fruits, nuts, sweets, and nutritional boosts.

Everywhere – Up to 52% off stylish modern watches – (ends 2012-10-09)

RumbaTime watches have ticked their way onto the wrists of celebs and the pages ofGlamour, Esquire, and Vogue. Bright, hip, and durable, they’re as practical as they are fashionable.

Innovative products from the celebrity aesthetician – (ends 2012-10-22)

For more than 30 years, Sonya Dakar has been regarded as one of the skin care industry’s forerunners. Her new NutraSphere collection blends breakthrough technology with nature’s remedies, all without….

534984_Everywhere - 50% off gourmet candies - (ends 2012-10-16)

Everywhere – 50% off gourmet candies – (ends 2012-10-16)

Sweet tooth? Yeah, right. You’ve got sugar in your bones and you’re not ashamed of it. Which is why the hand-dipped delicacies and gourmet toffee candies from Captivating Confections are enough to mak ….

534984_Everywhere - An award-winning resort getaway in Daytona Beach, Florida - (ends 2012-10-16)

An award-winning resort getaway in Daytona Beach, Florida – (ends 2012-10-16)

On the powdery sands of Daytona Beach, this award-winning, oceanfront enclave offers a stay so relaxing, guests leave feeling younger. Nestle into a cabana, dine on the beach, and linger at the waters….

50% off cold weather gear for women and kids – (ends 2012-10-08)

Rothschild Kids makes winter easy to weather. This year, zip them up in prim wool dress coats or faux fur-trimmed motorcycle jackets. High-tech fabrics resist rain and cozy prams keep the littlest one….

Up to 53% off omega-packed skin care products – (ends 2012-10-12)

This all-organic, vegan skin care line is packed with nutrients such as pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera, chamomile, and green tea that love your skin – and the earth, too.

Up to 61% off one- and two-year subscriptions – (ends 2012-10-15)

Forget wine; beer is taking over as the hot drink pairing. With the help of The Beer Connoisseur magazine, get on the wagon and drink up all there is to know about lagers, ales, and IPAs.

534984_Everywhere - 40% off monthly wine delivery - (ends 2012-10-16)

40% off monthly wine delivery – (ends 2012-10-16)

This monthly club introduces wine adventure seekers of all levels to small-production wines from around the world. A team of curators sources bottles from classic vintners and up-and-coming winemakers …

– Up to 40% off indie fashion

Take your eye for great style to the next level. This online boutique stocks finds from indie designers you should know about and provides a social platform where you can share your favorite picks.

Up to 50% off fragrances, body care, and jewelry – (ends 2012-10-10)

As a teen, your collection of body splashes showed the world how you were truly feeling. Now, turn to a more advanced source – Lifetherapy, a luxe line of aromatherapy products designed to enhance you…

“- Up to 52% off imaginative housewares you can customize – (ends 2012-10-11)

You’ll find a trove of artist-made home goods at Deny Designs – bold throw pillows, wall clocks, shower curtains, and duvet covers – some of which you can customize. You won’t be able to refuse.

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