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Lucy Hale For Yahoo! Style

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Lucy Hale For Yahoo! Style

Lucy Hale For Yahoo! Style 2

Lucy Hale For Yahoo! Style. Pretty Little Lairs star Lucy Hale is turning up the heat in the latest feature from Yahoo! Style by showcasing her brand new chin-length bob, and we must admit her new haircut gives her quite the edgy allure. Side note did you see the shocking end to the season finale of Pretty Little Lairs? I swear it had me on the edge of my seat……

Lucy Hale For Yahoo! Style

In the feature Lucy dishes on her personal style choices and how they’ve changed over the years

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more classic,” she says. “When I was younger, I was more outrageous. Now I want to keep it simple. Some days I’ll be more classic; some days I’ll be grunge.”

We noticed that Aria’s( played by Lucy ) style has changed quite a bit on the show as well vs, when it first started out. Maybe it’s a reflection on Lucy’s own personal influences.

Lucy Hale For Yahoo! Style 3

I am so loving her haircut! Can’t wait to see how she styles it for the next season of PLL!

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