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NARS Nail Polish for July 2014

Nail Polish

NARS Nail Polish for July 2014

Need a few new nail polish hues to love? Then check out the latest from Nars...

NARS Nail Polish for July 2014

Hitting stores July 15th, Nars will be launching a huge 43-shade collection featuring 19 new shades and 24 fan favorites.  Talk about getting a nail upgrade! BTW, I’m completely obsessed with Nars polish because their color selection is very unique and very long lasting when it comes to staying on your nails. Check out more details for the new launch after the drop.

Introducing NARS new Nail Polish, a brilliantly curated palette of enamels featuring a flexible, high gloss finish for a freshly-painted look that lasts. With a unique combination of resins and polymers, the upgraded formula is designed to improve wear and strengthen nails, while the removable cap and specially designed brush allow for easy application.

The comprehensive 43-shade collection includes 19 new shades and 24 fan favorites for a full range of lacquered looks. Base and Top Coats complete the chip-defying, color-enhancing trifecta for an iconic nail look with serious staying power.

NARS Nail Polish for July 2014 6

Nail Polish ($20.00) (Permanent)

  • Top Coat Clear
  • Base Coat Clear with light blue/green tint
  • 413 BLKR Navy blue (NARS Boutique Exclusive)
  • Arabesque Sheer pink with pink glitter
  • Back Room Black
  • Bad Influence Smoky taupe
  • Chinatown Blood red
  • Dovima Tomato red
  • Ecume White
  • Endless Night Black grape
  • Hunger Mandarin red
  • Jungle Red Bright red
  • L’Avventura Lilac
  • Manosque Deep smoky lavender
  • Night Breed Black with silver glitter
  • Night Flight Black with cobalt blue pearls
  • Night Porter Black with green pearls
  • Mash Army green infused with gold
  • Orgasm Peachy pink with shimmer
  • Purple Rain Gothic purple
  • Schiap Shocking pink
  • Shameless Red Pink flamingo
  • Soup Can Bright red
  • Trouville Seashell pink
  • Amarapura Silver chrome
  • Blow-up Mandarin orange
  • Delos Copper brown infused with gold
  • Elbrus Plum
  • Fearless Bright pink violet
  • Ikiru Light blue
  • Ithaque Light pink
  • Milos Rich gold
  • Kalymnos Lilac
  • La Notte Navy
  • Mots Bleus Storm blue
  • Night Out Bright rue blue
  • Obscura Lavender charcoal
  • Paradiso Strawberry pink
  • Paros Red brown
  • Pastorale Rose gold
  • Thasos Mint green
  • Torre del Oro Cherry red
  • Zakynthos Beige

NARS Nail Polish for July 2014 5 NARS Nail Polish for July 2014 4 NARS Nail Polish for July 2014 3 NARS Nail Polish for July 2014 2

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