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Prom Updos 2014

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Prom Updos 2014

Prom Updos 2014.Throughout the years one hairstyle has continued to grow in popularity when it comes to prom hair choices, and that is of course prom updos. This hairstyle works for a number of reason, the look is chic, polished, timeless, and it can work with numerous dress styles. Plus most often the look can easily be created at home, or at your local hair salon. This year updos are being updated with two of the hottest hair trends for 2014, hair accents, as well as braids.

Create fun and unique updos this year for prom with floral hair accessories, headbands, and of course tons of hair jewels. All of these items can be used to create alluring hairstyles ideal for prom night. If you’re yearning to try out the braid trend this prom season, you can infuse them into your updo look by adding a few cornrowed braids to one side of your hair, and then pinning the rest of your hair up with soft curls. Or you can even create a nice braid around the crown of your edges. Look below for  updos ideas you can wear to this year’s prom.

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