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Be Bold This Fall In Oxblood Trend

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Be Bold This Fall In Oxblood Trend

Be Bold This Fall In Oxblood Trend. Are you bold and daring when it comes to selecting your wardrobe choices? If you are, chances are you’ve already fallen in love with oxblood hues. Oxblood featured pops of cranberry and burgundy, making it a great statement to your holiday lineup as well as adding depth to everyday pieces.

Oxblood is the latest hue to hit the fashion scene, and although it might be dark and creepy to some, for others the look is edgy, bold, and truly alluring. Items such as handbags, blazers, boots, dresses, and even lipstick hues are being transformed this fall season with the new Oxblood color.  This jaw dropping hue looks best against more solid neutral shades such as black, and grey. You can also wear and mix the ox look with many different textures and fabrics such as velvet, patent leather or wool. By mixing different color variations, and textures together you can create a whole new feel to this hot new trend. Look below to see just how striking Oxblood can be.

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