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2012 Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

2012 Halloween Costume Ideas For Men, Halloween Costume Ideas

2012 Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

2012 Halloween Costume Ideas For Men. Men love dressing up just as much as women do on Halloween night. Of course one of the favorite options for men is a sexy and smashing costume that is guaranteed to leave the ladies breathless, or you can be someone funny which is all perfect for making the ladies laugh. Hit movies are always the go to selection for many men, and with this year’s top movies being Batman and Magic Mike, it’s not hard to spot this year’s sought after styles. Look below to see the top choices in male costumes for 2012.

Top Styles Include

  • Magic Mike
  • Batman
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Gangnam Style guy
  • Massive Mobster Men’s Costume
  • Presidential Candidates
  • Walter White / Heisenberg From Breaking Bad
  • Jay-z or a rapper
  • Thor
  • Mario Brothers
  • Vampire
  • Sexy Cop or Fireman

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