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Emma Roberts With Blunt Bang Hairstyle

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Emma Roberts With Blunt Bang Hairstyle

Emma Roberts With Blunt Bang Hairstyle. Next to ombre colored tresses, and dip eyed neon ends, blunt bangs has been among one of the top trends to wear for summer 2012. Emma Roberts is just the latest celeb to try out this growing trend.

The young celeb was spotted at the 2nd Annual “Pretty Amazing” Finalists Luncheon with a lovely pair of fringe bangs. She kept the look fresh by wearing neutral undertones and a floral top for an even more feminine feel. She finished the look with jeans, and gold pumps for an overall carefree feel for the event. What I like about Emma’s bangs in particular, is that they allow her to have tons of options when it comes to her hairstyle. She can wear her bangs featherd out like she did for the Pretty Amazing event, or she can sweep them to the side, much like she has her hair styled below. The look allows Emma to switch up her hairstyle with her mood for the day. After all a girl’s gotta have options!

Emma With Her Bangs Swept To The Side

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