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2012 Haircut Trends

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2012 Haircut Trends

2012 Haircut Trends. One look that many women may want to try for 2012 is a new haircut. Haircuts can be daring, sexy, sophisticated, and can even help you appear to be older or younger than what you really are.

Depending on the style or cut that you go for. For 2012 one of the biggest haircut trends is the look of cropped and pixie cuts. These stylish trends have been seen on many celebrities, and they continue to rule the runway scene.

For a take on retro, try the bowl cut, this cut is perfect for those with heart shaped faces, or for those with longer faces shapes. The bowl cut, can help you face to appear shorter and more oval shaped, which is traditionally the most favored face shape. You can also simply get blunt bangs if you want a different look, but you don’t want to loose most of your length. Other desired haircuts for the season include the look of bob haircuts, ( angled bobs as well as straight across), asymmetrical cuts, edgy and choppy cuts, and even haircuts that contain parts of your hair that have been shaved. You can also add fab or bold colors to your hair for a super edgy look. Which is perfect for 2012 hair trends. Look below to see some of the hottest haircut trends for 2012.












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