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2015 Prom Makeup Ideas & Trends

2015 Prom Makeup Ideas & Trends. Heading to prom? Well then chances are you’re looking to achieve a flawless makeup look for your big night ahead.  We all know that when it comes to makeup your look can either make or  break you, so be sure to practice days, and weeks ahead of your actual …

2015 Prom, Fashion

2015 Plus Size Prom Dresses

2015 Plus Size Prom Dresses. No matter what your size is we all desire a killer prom dress when it comes to prom 2015. This years style are hotter than ever, and with more fashion brands catering to the girl who have curves, you’ll find that it’s even easier to find the perfect prom dress …

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2015 Prom Hairstyles – Braided Prom Hair Ideas

2015 Prom Hairstyles – Braided Prom Hair Ideas. One of the biggest prom hair trends for 2015 prom season includes the look of braids. Braided hairstyles in general are very popular among hair choices for 2015 and they make the perfect trendy hairstyle for any girl heading to prom! What’s great about braided styles is …

2015 Prom, Fashion

2015 Prom Dresses – Top 10 2015 Prom Dress Trends

2015 Prom Dresses – Top 10 2015 Prom Dress Trends. Along with a banging hairstyle you’ll also need a one of a kind dress to make your entire look come to life! Which is why it’s so important to select a style that will not only make you look your very best,  but also help …

2015 Prom, Hairstyles

Prom Hairstyles 2015

Prom Hairstyles 2015. Top trends in hairstyles for the 2015 prom season. 2015 prom hairstyles are all about trendy looks that allow for creativity and fierceness! Braids – it’s no secret that 2015 is the year of the braid, and if you thought braids were hot the past few seasons, you’ll be surprised to know …

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