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Olivia Palermo for Ciaté Paint Pot

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Olivia Palermo for Ciaté Paint Pot


Olivia Palermo Ciaté Paint Pot

Olivia Palermo for Ciaté Paint Pot. Fashion Icon Olivia Palermo has teamed up with nail brand Ciate London to bring us a fabulous new collection! Avavaible in stores now, the collection features three shades ranging from a soft nude to more vibrant hues of red and coral. Look below for more details.

Olivia Palermo wanted to create a unique nail polish for Ciaté that not only plumped out and cushioned nails, but left them strong and resilient while self-leveling for a flawless finish. Formulated with an exclusive and advanced Dual Polymer Mesh Lock Technology, specially developed to create long-lasting, durable, high-shine nails, this polish delivers. With a wide range of color selections and super-glossy finishes, your manicure is sure to stay brilliant.

Olivia Palermo Ciaté Paint Pot 3

Olivia Palermo Ciaté Paint Pot – Limited Edition – $24.00

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