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New MAC Technakohl Liners For 2014


New MAC Technakohl Liners For 2014

New MAC Technakohl Liners For 2014

New MAC Technakohl Liners For 2014. This December, Mac introduces new Technakohl Liners for us to love. The perfect way to add a gorgeous pop of color to all your makeup looks. Available in stores November 28th, 2014 at Macy’s only, December 11th, 2014 at all MAC locations (North America) & December 2014 (International). Look below for more details.

Audacious new shades of Technakohl Liner are the jewels of the season, delivering vivid colour in a collection of modern metals, pearly pigments, striking neons and bold tones perfect for a new take on the smoky eye. The liner’s enduring formula features a unique combination of plant-derived waxes, providing a soft, comfortable feel, while staying smudge-resistant for up to eight hours. Whatever your style, get ready to line it up.

New MAC Technakohl Liners For 2014 2

Technakohl Liner ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Snowed In Light peach off-white
  • Sterling Silver Silver
  • Risque Pale beige
  • Bare Asset Medium beige
  • Twinked Yellow gold with sparkles
  • Brass Band Copper bronze metal
  • $$$ Mid-tone gold bronze
  • Alpha-Grey Metal grey
  • Counterfeit Silver grey
  • Funfare Bright true pink
  • Sourpuss Acid green
  • Skyscape Metallic deep sky blue
  • Vent Metallic lime
  • Whirlpool Dark deep blue
  • Take the Plunge Deep ocean blue
  • Cast Iron Elephant grey
  • Bishop Blue Blue-purple
  • Image Conscious Purple
  • Cool Jazz Navy blue
  • Plank Deep bronze brown
  • Broque Deep brown
  • Army Style Military deep green
  • Clay Deep grey
  • Raisinette Brown-purple
  • Steelpoint Deep smoky metallic grey
  • Metalhead Greyish metal blue
  • Superfly Soft black

New MAC Technakohl Liners For 2014 3

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