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Katy Perry With Red Hair For L’Officiel Magazine

Beauty, Hairstyles, Katy Perry Gets New Red Haircolor For L’Officiel Magazine

Katy Perry With Red Hair For L’Officiel Magazine

Katy Perry With Red Hair For L’Officiel Magazine . Katy decided to change her hair once again for French Magazine L’Officiel. For their September cover Katy can be seen wearing a light reddish-orange hue and long flowing tresses. She doesn’t stop there, Katy also showcased a very natural makeup look complete with full brow.  Which is a very different look for miss Katy. See her look in action below.

Hair colour chameleon Katy Perry has gone for an uncharacteristically natural-looking shade of auburn on the latest cover of French fashion mag, L’Officiel Levant. The pop singer is barely recognizable from the kitschy, candy-coloured looks we’ve grown accustomed to with flowing ginger extensions, a full brow and more-natural-than-usual makeup. (It could also be the first time she’s worn a wig that doesn’t… look like a wig!) Although we personally think that this gorgeous shade suits the California Gurl—and gives Perry a fashionable and contemporary vibe similar to Florence Welch. fashionmagazine

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