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Katy Perry’s Retro Flapper Pin Curled Hairstyle

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Katy Perry’s Retro Flapper Pin Curled Hairstyle

Katy Perry’s Retro Flapper Pin Curled Hairstyle. Katy Perry went all out flapper at the City of Hope’s Music And Entertainment Industry Group while honoring Bob Pittman.

She showed up dressed head to toe with a 20’s inspired look. From her long silk slip dress draped in pearls, to her pin-up curls complete with jewel-encrusted hair accent. We’re lovingĀ  it! She even gave us dramatic lashes and matte lips to really show off her retro side. To pull off the look and really create a 20’s feel, her plum tresses were gently pin-curled up under creating a faux bob that really showed off old Hollywood style. See the full retro flapper girl Katy below.

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