2011 Haircolor Trends

2011 Haircolor Trends. One of the biggest hair trends for 2011 includes experimenting with color, and when we say color we meaning leaving the plain boring everyday looks behind.

From the runway to celebrities, people are adoring the very bold hues, we’re talking pinks, reds, greens and even orange pigments. With these bold colors it’s wise to get your color done by a professional since they can chose hues and colors that are flattering with your skin tone. After all you want you color to turn heads in a good way… not in a mm that’s interesting kind of way.

If you’re scarred to try a new color completely all over your head, opt for highlights or low-lights of a fun shade. This can be a great way to subtly add color and definition to your hair. For those that really like to play it safe you can always go with traditional dark hues for colder months,  chestnuts, and berries while switching things up with lighter blondes for the warmer months. Look below to see some inspirational hair color photos.





images from dukt